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The number one rule in a successful marketing campaign is to create a feeling of urgency regarding the product. However, this is not a marketing advertorial and we don’t even try to sell anything because what we offer is completely free. But at the same time is also one of the most scandalous offers in the world of adult gaming. And I guess the reason for which our collection of xxx games could steer up some major controversy is pretty obvious from the name of our site. On Rape Porn Game we deal with the most shunned fantasy a human could have. Although actually doing it is one of the most illegal things you could ever do, we can’t deny that we all have fantasies of rape roleplay. It’s just like in the case of incest. It is somehow illegal to fuck your family, but it is perfectly legal to watch a staged production in which actors are paid to pretend like they’re family while having sex in front of the camera.

However, the rape fantasy can’t easily be produced by the mainstream porn industry because of the many legal, moral and consensual implications of such a project. And that’s why we don’t have as much content on premium porn sites and free sex tubes for the men and women who enjoy the consensual rape roleplay. And that’s when you need a site like hours. The world of adult games doesn’t play by the same rules as mainstream porn. Since no people are involved in the production of this kind of porn, there are no moral nor ethical nor legal implications. As long as the games do not condone going out and raping people, it’s perfectly legal to enjoy these games. Just as legal as putting on some rape roleplay sessions at home with your consenting partner. Let’s see what kind of fantasies can be fulfilled by the library of our site.

All The Rape Fantasies You Could Imagine

Both men and women have rape fantasies, and you would be surprised by what games are popular with men and what games are popular with women. Most of you would say that the guys are more into the men on women games of our site. But it turns out the ladies are the most interested in these realistic rape adventures. They love controlling the man who forces himself on the holes of helpless girls because they picture themselves in the role of that victim girl. Some would say it’s fucked up, but we say it’s the best and safest way of enjoying a rape fantasy as a woman. As long as the female player is in the control of the aggressor, she can control how intense and brutal the rape fantasy becomes and she has the option to stop it if it gets too emotional. That’s not to say men don’t enjoy playing the game from the perspective of the aggressor too. But men are more into our adventure, fantasy and sci-fi rape games. I’m talking about hentai tentacle games and monster sex games from the West. The various creatures in these games are just as impressively designed as the smoking hot and helpless chicks they get to torture with their tentacles, gross cocks and all kinds of other appendixes.

Other variations of rape games you can find on our site are featuring girl on girl aggression, guys force fucked by merciless MILFs, police and prison guard rape fantasies, and we even have games in which wives command their husbands to suck the cocks or spread their asses for the bulls during cuckold sessions.

Rape Porn Game Is The Most Scandalous Adult Gaming Platform

One of the most important features of a hardcore gaming platform is security. Especially when we’re talking about such kinks as the one on our site, you need a reliable platform that doesn’t steal your data or puts you in any way of danger that could leak your porn habits. You will find that kind of safety on our site, where we offer 100% secured connectivity with end-to-end encryption and no redirection off of our site. You will play all the games on our platform through our dedicated servers, we don’t redirect you through pop up ads and no one will even know that you’re on our site. We don’t ask for any personal info before we let you play our games. The access on our site is completely free with no strings attached. You don’t need to create a free account and give us your email as in the case of other sites. The only thing we need from you is the confirmation that you’re over 18 years old. On top of that, everything about our site is on point. We have all these browsing tools to help you reach the games you feel like playing in minutes and the servers are offering bugs and lag free gaming.

Play All Of Our Trans Sex Games For Free Tonight

When we started working on our collection, we wanted to become the best trans gaming portal on the web. We have all these games that can be played instantly and that draws huge crowds on our servers. Because we offer quality gaming and because we never waste your time with click bait, we are sure you’re going to spend all your adult gaming time on our platform. That’s how we ended up advertising only the strong brands in the world of porn. By doing that, we can resume to only feature a couple of small banners on our site. You won’t find any pop-ups or in game ads on our platform and that’s why you’ll want to keep on playing. Another thing that’s going to make you spend more time on our site is the fact that we keep coming up with new games. We have new uploads every single week, and that will make you come back to us and check the most recent uploads. Bookmark us right now and enjoy your most twisted rape fantasies.

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